Current service details

  • Service Fee and Payment Terms 

Annual software as a service (SaaS) fee payments are due on commencement of the Hosted Service and at the beginning of each annual service term thereafter. Hosted Service payments are non-refundable, and no credits are issued in the event that the Client terminates their service during the annual term. NatureServe reserves the right to modify the annual service fee, upon 90 days advance notification to the Client.  Each Client's annual fee is specified in their SaaS contract.
Costs for materials and services associated with maintaining and hosting this tool are subject to industry-wide increases and general inflation. NatureServe reserves the right to raise the annual service fee in future years by an amount not to exceed 5% annually.
  • System Requirements
  • The Client requires an Internet connection with adequate bandwidth and an Internet browser to access hosted services covered by this agreement.  Hosted services are maintained to be compatible with the most recent version of the Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.


    • Backup Schedule 

    Type of Backup



    Retention Duration

    System Environment

    VM Hot Spare

    Failover/Instant Recovery



    Physical Host Configuration

    Emergency recovery of host configuration and Hypervisor [LS1] system

    Full backup: 1/week

    Incremental backup: 1/day

    Local: 1 week

    Offsite: 2 weeks

    VM System

    Emergency recovery in the event of management systems corruption

    Full backup: 1/week

    Incremental backup: 1/day

    Local: 1 week

    Offsite: 2 weeks

    System Components

    Configuration Files

    Emergency recovery in the event of single instance failure

    Full backup: 1/day

    or following periods of system configuration activity

    Local: 1 Week

    Offsite: 2 Weeks

    Data Files

    Emergency recovery of select data files in the event of identified systemic or user errors

    Full backup: 1/week

    Incremental backup: 1/day

    Local: 2 Week

    Offsite: 2 Weeks

    • Emergency Source Code Recovery 

    In the event that NatureServe cannot fulfill provision of its Hosted Services, Clients who have satisfied their annual service fee payments may download a copy of the latest complete release of the application source code and system documentation at Atlassian Bitbucket cloud-based code repository. Username and password credentials for accessing the source code and documentation repository are updated annually, maintained in the NatureServe’s Board of Directors Resource Handbook, and can be obtained by contacting any current member of NatureServe’s Board of Directors